SOL offers specialized, functional training for the more advanced player who has for the most part mastered the fundamental skills (technical and tactical) of the game.  All players should strive to possess the ability to understand and execute all the basic skills of the game.  However, there are several different functions within every team that require specific skills and present unique demands on decision-making and problem-solving. SOL offers specialized positional training for individuals or groups of goalkeepers, central and flank defenders, central and flank midfielders, strikers, wingers, and set-piece specialists. Players benefit from the personal attention and individualized instruction. 

Rates for hour-long sessions vary according to group size:  

  • 1-2 players: $50 per player
  • 3-4 players: $25 per player
  • 5-6 players= $20 per player

Contact for more information.