These cuts, moves, and feints should be practiced with both feet and can be done in two ways:  back and forth in the Coerver style and free-flowing in all directions.  

  1. Inside foot cut
  2. Outside foot cut
  3. Cryuff
  4. Sole roles (inside, outside, forwards, and backwards)
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo
  6. Ticky-tock
  7. The Matthews
  8. Body Feints
  9. Drag/180 degrees
  10. Step-over
  11. Scissors (single, double, triplets, etc.)
  12. Maradona/Zidane/Pirouette/360 degrees
  13. Ronaldinho
  14. JJ Okocha
  15. Pulling the V
  16. The L turn

This is an absolute essential for the serious soccer player.  It is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to develop ball mastery- touch, control, and the ability to strike the ball using both feet and a variety of techniques.

  1. One-touch on the ground (inside, outside, and laces)
  2. Two-touch on the ground (inside, outside, laces, sole, and heel)
  3. Receive and turn (inside, outside, laces, sole, and heel)
  4. One-touch volley (inside, outside, and laces)
  5. Two-touch volley (inside, outside, and laces)
  6. Volley, receive, and turn
  7. Thigh, volley
  8. Chest, volley
  9. Head, volley
  10. Half-volley
  11. Side-volley
  12. Headers
  13. Dribble, cross
  14. Dribble, shoot (inside, outside, laces, sole, and heel)
  15. Freestyle

This helps to build players’ touch, coordination, agility, and balance.  In other words, juggling is essential to developing both ball mastery and athleticism.   This should be done everyday to varying degrees: from a couple minutes to as much as a half-hour.

  1. Right foot only
  2. Left foot only
  3. Right foot and right thigh only
  4. Left foot and left thigh only
  5. Alternating between both feet
  6. Alternating between both thighs
  7. Free-flowing using all parts of the body
  8. Using feet, thighs, chest, shoulders, and head
  9. Christmas tree (first 3 with the left foot, then 3 with the left thigh, then 3 with the head, then 3 with the right thigh, and last 3 with the right foot
  10. Juggling on the move
  11. Hat-making caps/sombreros over imaginary opponents while juggling
  12. Creative skillerz training (creating new and imaginative ways of keeping the ball in the air and under control)