Coaching education courses are available for clubs, schools, and organizations that seek to educate a community of coaches, players, or parents. While SOL encourages coaches to enlist in coaching education courses through organizations such as UEFA, AFA, USSF, NSCAA, etc., SOL recognizes the need clubs and organizations may have for a coaching education course to come to their venue, fit their schedule and/or meet their specific education goals.

For example, SOL Director Julian Chang designed and conducted a three-day course in Trinidad, West Indies, for more than 40 youth soccer coaches from the Southern Football Association (SFA) of Trinidad and Tobago. He also leads a coaching seminar for recreational league coaches from Herndon Youth Soccer in Herndon, Va.

Here are a sample of courses we can tailor to fit your club or organization:

  1. Introduction to Recreational-Level Coaching Seminar – Designed specifically for coaches at the “house” level on how to create fun, age-appropriate practice sessions while developing the fundamentals of the game. 
  2. Introduction to Travel-Level Coaching Seminar – Dealing with the challenges and opportunities of travel soccer, and the technical and tactical requirements for varying levels and age groups.
  3. Coaching Footskills, Creativity, and Flair – How to create coaching sessions that emphasize individual skills and creativity. 
  4. Coaching the Argentine Method – Outlining the Argentine history, philosophy, and methodology and how to incorporate it in your training.
  5. Coaching the Dutch Method – Comparing and contrasting the two divergent Dutch philosophies espoused by the KNVB (Dutch Football Federation) and the influential Dutch coach Wiels Coerver.
  6. Coaching 4, 5, and 6-year olds– The introduction to soccer is pivotal for our youngest players. This course offers an understanding of the basic psychology and physiology of this age group and how to shape intelligent players with age-appropriate games.
  7. How to Use Small-Sided Games for Fitness, Technique, and Tactics

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